Popular Destinations For Campervan Travel in France

We offer 18 different locations around France where you can rent your campervan. Below are the four most popular destinations - click on these for in-depth guides.

Paris, France


Bordeaux campervan rental


Lyon, France


Toulouse, France


Did you know that there are more campgrounds in France than anywhere else in the world, besides the US? France is primed and ready to give you the campervan adventure of a lifetime. Whether you want to rack up the kilometres yourself on motorways or fly between major cities, picking up a new campervan at each location – your trip is yours to design. Rest assured, there are many convenient RV rental locations in the most popular destinations around France.

We understand that it can be confusing choosing a campervan in a foreign country. We’ll help you plan your trip by letting you know what to expect in each city the campervan companies and facilities available so that you can select what’s right for your trip. Do you want to get rustic and hit the road in a small camper that’s perfect for an intimate nature vacation? Maybe you brought the whole family along and you desire a palace on wheels, complete with a bathroom, shower and enough room to move so that nobody gets on each other’s nerves. No worries – we have you covered!

We’ll let you know what to expect, from the rental check-in counter until you return your RV at the end of your trip. We can help you review your contract, give advice about insurance and make sure you get everything you want from your trip.

It doesn’t get much better than France for campervan travel. A world of culture, cuisine, fine wine, charming villages, scenic roads and cosmopolitan cities are yours to explore.

No matter where you want to land in France or where you want to go, we can help you choose the city to start and where to head from there. Let’s get your questions answered as you plan your fantastic French campervan holiday!

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