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Motorhome Hire in France

Oui, Oui — France is always a good idea!

What other place promises such charm, history, wineries, architecture, literature, art, fashion and downright fabulousness? No matter what part of France you choose to visit, you will enchanted by sophistication or simple charm.

Paris, France
Mont Saint Michelle

It’s not just France’s major cities that are the superstars of this vast country. It’s also the little towns, achingly lovely villages and rich cuisine that will keep you driving, curious to see what’s around the next bend and wondering if your next experience could possibly be any better. Distances and holiday time be damned — you’ll want to see all of France and will already be planning your next visit before it’s time to head back to the airport.

Fantastic French food

You may have already toured, backpacked or even flown around this crown jewel of Europe. Now, friend, it is time to see it by campervan.

Hiring a campervan will give you an intimate glimpse into the life and geography of France and give you a holiday like none you’ve had before. In a campervan, you can travel at your own pace, stopping to marvel at fields of bright sunflowers, taking in major cities and all they have to offer, relaxing on the seashore and drinking in the history of each region. Instead of zipping through places on an organised tour at breakneck speed, you can linger, mingle and immerse yourself in France’s unique culture and give yourself time to appreciate the finer things.

French field of sunflowers and lavender

With all the various motorhomes available for hire, there’s no need to rough it. In fact, a properly equipped RV or campervan let’s you step right out, fresh and fashionable and ready to mix in with the locals in Paris.

Prefer nature or urban splendour? No problem! There are trails, mountains, lakes and beaches perfect for a simple trip where you can revel in greenery and fresh country air in your choice of campervan. 

Campervan France

As you travel the countryside, you’ll find there’s no shortage of stunning views from the motorway, enough to have your Facebook friends jealous and wishing they were along for the ride.

As you travel the countryside, you’ll find there’s no shortage of stunning views from the motorway, enough to have your Facebook friends jealous and wishing they were along for the ride.

French chateau

With hire depots close and convenient to most major airports, renting a campervan is not just simple — it is totally the way to go if you want a holiday where you can explore at your own speed in total comfort.

You’ll find RVs to fit the whole family and others just right for a couple of people on a romantic getaway. Deck them out and you can have a mansion on wheels; scale back and you can find something for even the most frugal travel budget.

small rental campervan France
French rental motorhome
French rental RV

Read on now to hear about all of the exciting places that you can see in France with your motorhome. We have a feeling you’ll be grabbing your passport and packing for this trip pretty quickly!

The Definitive Guide to Campervan Hire in France

Planning Your Trip

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On The Road Tips

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Campervan Brands

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