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If you're planning a campervan tour of Germany or Europe, chance are the you'll be including the wonderful city of Munich in your itinerary. Whether you're starting or ending your motorhome travels in Munich, or just passing through, you'll find plenty of useful information here about Munich for campervan travellers. Enjoy!

Munich is Somewhere You Need to See

If you’re visiting Germany, you must visit Munich. And you don’t have to be going there for the annual Oktoberfest beer festival to find tons of things to keep you busy.

You’ll want to tour the magnificent palaces of this Bavarian capital. And wander the enormous green urban space that is the Englischer Garten. (Beware that you may see nude sunbathing in certain parts of the park as you seek out a spot for your picnic).

Time your visit right and you’ll experience the picturesque Christkindlmarkt in November-December when hundreds of booths sell Christmas wares. This is arguably the finest market of the season in Europe and the candlelit tree will win over all but the hardest of hearts.

There are many museums dedicated to science around the world but it is tough to top the experience of visiting the sprawling Deutsches Museum. Don’t think you have to leave it for a rainy day — its examples of miniature offshore oil platform dioramas, gas refineries, refractor telescopes and electricity-generating bikes will thrill your inner scientist, no matter the weather.

The city’s art museums are also something to get really excited about, featuring works by the world’s most celebrated artists.

BMW fanatics can tour the BMW factory, located near BMW Group Headquarters at Olympiazentrum, and visit the BMW Museum where over a hundred BMW automobiles, motorcycles and engines are on display.

The food and beer scene is integral to your experience of the city. Sip from massive mugs and dine on delicious sausages at the city’s beer halls — there’s no need to wear lederhosen.

Even if you are just there to window shop, the luxury stores of the Maximilianstrasse area will delight, with lots of places nearby to enjoy a sophisticated lunch.

Or head for the water, riding aboard a wooden raft down the Isar river from Wolfratshausen (on the outskirts of the city). Join other beer-guzzling tourists while onboard a traditional Bavarian oompah band plays.

If you’re interested in Munich’s WWII history, you’ll want to book a guide to show you around.

No matter what you want to do during your time in Munich, chances are you will want to extend your stay. You’ll find plenty to do in this treasure of a German city.

How far are campervan depots from Munich airport?

it’s more challenging to get from the airport to your depot in Munich than in other European cities, as none of the rental depots are near the airport.

Big Sky Campervans will meet you at the airport as long as you have booked ahead. Depots for McRent, Pure Motorhomes, Compass and DRM Germany are 30 kilometres and a 60 -100€ taxi ride away. There are public transport options if you have extra time and don’t mind not hitting the road right away.

Munich map

When are the best times to visit Munich?

Spring (March-May) is an ideal time to visit Munich as Oktoberfest is over, the summer crowds are yet to arrive and the weather is temperate (17°C-2°C). If you plan to attend Oktoberfest, then be sure to pack a rain jacket and warm clothes.

Autumn (September to November) is 19°C-1°C, while winter (December to February) is literally freezing with temperatures only reaching 3°C and dipping to as low as -5°C. Summer is popular for a reason, as temperatures from June to August average between 23°C and 10°C.


Dec - Feb:  Low  -5°C, High  3°C

Mar - May:  Low  3°C, High 20°C

Jun - Aug:  Low 10°C, High 23°C

Sep - Nov:  Low -1°C, High 19°C

Places to Visit in and around Munich

Palace Perfection

You can spend days on end wandering Bavarian palaces and their magnificent grounds.

The Residenz was the home of Bavaria’s leaders with jaw-dropping displays in most every room. Its Antiquarium is the largest Renaissance hall north of the Alps and the statues and frescos are stunning.

The summer palace (Schloss Nymphenburg) is a well-known attraction but the gardens are the real reason to visit.

A short day-trip from Munich, the Neuschwanstein Castle — said to have inspired Walt Disney — is straight out of a storybook and not to be missed.



Hohenschwangau Castle, Bavaria

Hohenschwangau Castle

Fabulous Oktoberfest
Oktoberfest, Muncih


One of the most popular events in Europe each year is Munich’s Oktoberfest. Thousands of partiers visit the fairgrounds each year to sit at long tables under large tents and down a copious amount of beer.

Held each year September to early October, Oktoberfest is only for the truly dedicated beer drinker and a tough time to get accommodation or spots at campervan parks near the city. If you plan on going, make your bookings months in advance. If crowds are not your thing, then wait until Oktoberfest is over as you’ll be able to enjoy Munich’s authentic beer halls in comparative peace.

WWII History

Munich was very important in the rise of the Third Reich and has thoughtfully documented its history from that era. Lovers of WWII history will find city walking tours of interest, while a day trip to the former Dachau concentration camp, now mostly destroyed, is a sobering experience.

Dachau prison camp


Museum Magic
Bavarian National Museum

Bavarian National Museum

While in Europe you can burn out on museums and cathedrals but save some of your cultural intake for Munich. At the Alte and Neue Pinakothek you can see works by Van Gogh, Cezanne and other masters. For modern art, including work by Andy Warhol, you should visit the Museum Brandhorst. If science and technology interest you more than art, check out the Deutsches Museum. Even if you no longer care if you see another museum while on holiday, take a chance on one of Munich’s cultural wonders — you won’t walk away disappointed!

8 Tips for Visitors to Munich

  1. If you have a choice between a petrol or diesel campervan while in Germany, pick the diesel model for greater fuel efficiency and savings.
  2. If you are planning to visit during peak festival or summer seasons then book your campervan site months in advance (even if you are staying outside of the city).
  3. Yes, Munich knows how to party but manners are still required. Public drunkenness and fighting are simply not tolerated and can land you in jail.
  4. Learn a little German as the locals will appreciate your efforts (even though most people are fluent in English).If you plan to attend Oktoberfest, reservations are necessary if you want even a sip of beer.
  5. Plan ahead and note that Bavarian dress is encouraged.
  6. For arguably the best view in Munich (and perhaps the Bavarian Alps) head to the tower of St Peter's Church, just south of Marienplatz.
  7. For a great value lunch and a few groceries go to the Viktualienmarkt, a centuries-old eating area and produce market that’s also ideal for people watching.
  8. The Museum Bus, no 100, runs between Hauptbahnhof and Ostbahnhof and stops at most of the city’s museums.


What are the best ways to get around Munich?

Munich’s public transport system is very efficient and consists of suburban trains (S-Bahn), underground trains (U-Bahn), streetcars (Tram), and buses.

There are lots of ticket options to save some money including the IsarCard ticket (if you plan to stay for more than three days). If you plan to visit the typical tourist haunts then purchase the Munich CityTourCard.

Riding a bicycle or walking are really the best ways to get around, giving you a greater appreciation of the architecture and ambiance of the city. Taxis are everywhere but can get expensive if you get stuck in rush hour traffic.

Don’t bother to drive into the city as parking and manoeuvring a large vehicle along city streets present a challenge.

Munich bicycle
Camping in Germany

Where Can You Camp in Munich?

There’s a special campground available for Oktoberfest (it has 800 sites with hook-ups available for campers). However, you must book ahead and should expect it to be crowded and noisy.

At this campground, you will find a mini-market with bakery goods, a wide selection of beverages and everything you may need during your stay. There are also toilets and catering available but it’s not an ideal place to camp with children.

Your best option for a laid-back stay is going to be at sites outside the city. You may want to consider these as great options:

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