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If you're planning a campervan tour of Germany or Europe, chance are the you'll be including the wonderful city of Düsseldorf in your itinerary. Whether you're starting or ending your motorhome travels in Düsseldorf, or just passing through, you'll find plenty of useful information here about Düsseldorf for campervan travellers. Enjoy!

Düsseldorf is Divinely Cosmopolitan

In decades past, Düsseldorf had an underserved reputation as a boring old industrial town not worth the time to visit. Well, not these days! It has undergone a cosmopolitan revolution and is now a top spot to see in Germany.

The heartbeat of this youthful, thriving city is its university. There is so much to see and do here, and the city attracts shoppers from all over the world. When not shopping, you will fill your days dining, drinking and taking in the city’s marvellous sights.

Düsseldorf will surprise you with its incredible arts and fashion scene and hosts some major festivals throughout the year that are not to be missed. In fact, you may even want to plan your visit around them, so see what’s on before you finalise your campervan schedule.

The Rhine River flows past Düsseldorf’s old town (Altstadt). For best views of the river, walk the pedestrian-only promenade along the riverside or take a river boat trip from the Burgplatz.

The city has close to a hundred art galleries and, when you need a break, perfect picnic spots where you can sun yourself while the kids wear themselves out on the playground. Worth the short drive from the city is the Schloss Benrath, a baroque castle that houses three museums and is situated in 60 hectares of parks and gardens.

Kaiserswerth is an interesting historical neighbourhood where you can view the ruins of a royal palace and see some charming 17th and 18th Century baroque houses. Nearby you’ll find cafés and beer gardens where you can relax over lunch or a drink.

Düsseldorf's kilometre-square Old Town (Altstadt) is a perfectly preserved and picturesque part of the city you’ll also want to explore.

No matter what you want to do in Düsseldorf, your days will fill quickly and the city will likely be a highlight of your campervan adventure.

How far are campervan depots from Düsseldorf airport?

Both DRM and McRent are a fair distance from the airport so you will need to arrange for a taxi to get to their depots.

Remember, though, that rental companies often offer a service that will pick you up from the airport or deliver your vehicle there, so ask about these services when you book your campervan. It never hurts to ask and it could save you some Euros you would have otherwise had to spend on your ride!

Dusseldorf map

When are the best times to visit Düsseldorf?

Summer is the best time to visit the city as you’ll experience moderate temperatures (14°C-24°C) and frequent showers to give you a break from the heat. Yes, there is humidity but the sun and breezes allow you to enjoy Düsseldorf in comfort.

Spring arrives February to March and is also a great time to visit as summer crowds have yet to arrive and temperatures are between 4°C and 20°C. Winter is very cold at around 8°C-2°C. Autumn is brisk, with temperatures between 4°C and 20°C.


Dec - Feb:  Low  2°C, High  8°C

Mar - May:  Low  4°C, High 20°C

Jun - Aug:  Low 14°C, High 24°C

Sep - Nov:  Low 4°C, High 20°C

Places to Visit in and around Düsseldorf

Outrageous Retail Therapy

You will want to pay off your credit cards or increase your limits before you head to Düsseldorf. The shopping here rivals what you will find in Paris. Düsseldorf's most sophisticated shopping street is Königsallee. Called the “Kö” by the locals, it has luxury shops as far as the eye can see.

Königsallee winds all the way from Graf-Adolf-Platz in the south to the Hofgarten in the north, where it ends at the great Triton Fountain. Along the way you will find boutiques, art galleries, fancy flagship stores, shopping malls, jewellery stores and more!

Shopping in Dusseldorf
Awesome Old Town
Dusseldorf Old Town

Dusseldorf Old Town

Visit Old Town (Altstadt) to see Düsseldorf in its historic glory. Statues, architecture and old streets are remarkably well-preserved but the highlight is Marktplatz. Here you’ll find the impressive Town Hall (Rathaus) and a large (gorgeous) statue of Elector John William II, erected in 1711.

On the beautiful banks of the Rhine in Burgplatz you will find the Schlossturm, the Palace Tower and only remaining piece of a once imposing palace.

If you are still in the mood to walk some more, then head to the Ehrenhof district for a great meal and more fabulous sites.

Art Lovers’ Little Slice of Heaven

Art lovers will quickly be charmed by the Düsseldorf art scene, its many museums and galleries. Of particular note is the Museum of Art (Museum Kunstpalast) which houses over 70,000 pieces of art dating all the way back to 300 B.C.

For contemporary art, visit the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, host to some stimulating and pioneering exhibitions. Spread across three locations in Düsseldorf, the internationally-recognised North Rhine-Westphalia Art Collection (Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen) is home to important works by the likes of Paul Klee, Picasso, Mondrian and Matisse and will keep you busy for a couple of afternoons.

Benrath Palace (Schloss Benrath)

Schloss Benrath

Curious Tradition of Cartwheels
Dusseldorf cartwheels

According to legend, Düsseldorf’s strange fascination with cartwheels dates back to the 13th Century. Today, you’ll see cartwheeling symbols everywhere, on souvenirs and on sculptures around the city centre. Visit the fountain of Burgplatz and you’ll see the inscription which can be roughly translated to read “No matter what happens, we will always be cartwheelers.”

Awesome Architecture

People head to Düsseldorf just for the city’s architecture, seeking out the Neuer Zollhof area, a spectacularly redeveloped part of the city's old port. The real standouts are, of course, the three buildings designed by Frank Gehry that defy both gravity and tradition.

Neuer Zollhof in Dusseldorf

Neuer Zollhof in Dusseldorf

5 Tips for Visitors to Düsseldorf!

  1. Düsseldorf has some of the best local beers in the world. You’ll simply have to sample some, but don’t even think about driving a vehicle afterwards.
  2. Psssssst...a hidden shopping gem is the area of Lorettostrasse in the up-and-coming neighbourhood of Unterbilk, with trendy boutiques and unique finds.
  3. You won’t believe that you are in Germany when you visit the country’s largest Japanese community in Immermannstrasse, just off the Oststrasse U-Bahn station.
  4. For a glimpse of what the city looked like before the war, head to see the grand homes in Belsenplatz in the Oberkassel district and wander among the grand Art Nouveau buildings on quiet streets like Barnerstrasse.
  5. During the city’s massive festivals campervan sites are hard to find so make reservations months in advance if you are in the city during a peak time.


  • Carnival in Düsseldorf – February
  • ProWein goes City – March
  • Museums Night Düsseldorf – March
  • Jazz Rally Düsseldorf – June
  • France Festival – July
  • Cartwheeling Tournament – July
  • Funfair in Düsseldorf – July
  • Düsseldorf Festival - September – October
  • Christmas market – November – December

What are the best ways to get around Düsseldorf?

With an extensive network of routes, the Rheinbahn will get you to your destination by tram, bus or underground railway. It takes just a few minutes on the underground from the main railway station to the Old Town. 

With the DüsseldorfCard you get free use of public transports within the city. It also provides free entry to museums and price reductions on a range of city tours and theatre tickets. 1 to 3 day passes are available. A 1-day ticket costs €9 for an individual and €18 for a family.  

Dusseldorf tram
Camping in Germany

Where Can You Camp in Düsseldorf?

Düsseldorf welcomes campervan visitors, providing plenty of camping and parking options in or around the city. Avoid unauthorised parking spots, however, and instead take advantage of one of the many campervan parks in the area. Here are a few we recommend that will keep you close to the action.

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