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The French really know how to live well, taking time to enjoy the finer things – which includes taking the scenic route. Avis, too, knows that your once-in-a-lifetime trip is not just about the destination but all of the sights, experiences and emotions along the way. They don’t just rent motorhomes – travel, for them is a passion, and nothing beats a great road trip. For this reason, they are experts at identifying just what is needed for the ideal campervan adventure. Avis’ campervan rentals are meant to give you a lot of comfort, a bit of luxury and a perfectly customised vehicle to suit your needs.

There are 11 Avis locations throughout France, each with a fleet of models sure to meet your needs for size, amenities and budget. You may want a small campervan for a few days to escape from the city and embrace a bit of Mother Nature and her majesty — Avis can handle that request with ease. If you want to head for the mountains for days with the entire family in tow, Avis has motorhomes large enough for everyone to sleep, eat and play well for the whole journey.

Avis offers convenience and customer service that will make you giddy with delight. Did you know that you can pick-up your RV from Avis in Paris and then drop it off in Nice? Having to do a round-trip back to your original depot is a thing of the past — just ask them for details. If you are not sure where to go, Avis provides creative and thorough destination guides that will give you some ideas and highlight the routes to take so that you are sure to see the best France has to offer, even if your holiday time is limited.

Exploring France from the comfort of a campervan is the ideal way to take in the mountains, history, small towns and general splendour the country is known for. With Avis you are never beholden to hotel reservations; your campervan giving you the flexibility to linger as long as you please or to pass through places quickly. You will not be sacrificing a single bit of luxury with these great vehicles that are safe, well-maintained and meticulously cleaned and cared for.

Avis Motorhome Rental Depots in France

Ajaccio, Corsico



Le Mans




Nice Côte d'Azur




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